A few years ago, a campaign took the world by storm when the fight for climate change was carried out by installing solar panels on major highways of the world. This is a daring proposal that has undergone road testing. The results from initial studies have emerged, and they’re quite inferior. 

Installing a plate under a lane has several drawbacks. Because it is not tilting at an optimum angle, it produces less power and is more vulnerable to shading, which is a problem because shade on the panel’s surface reduces power production by 50%. 

These panels are may also be covered in dust and dirt, thus requiring much a thicker glass to withstand traffic weight than conventional panels, further reducing the amount of light that they receive. The panels will potentially heat up faster than a solar panel on the rooftop.  

Solar Panels for Homes  

As a result, the solar road output is expected to drop dramatically when compared to the solar panel installed on rooftops. The more important question here would be related to the cost. Smart highways in America are now equipped with solar panelsLED light, and sensors to display traffic warning signals about potential threats including deer crossing. Winter heating pads also melt snow. 

LED lights will consume only about 106 MWh for every mile. Traditionally, this will require as much as 415 MWh power. That means 25% savings in electrical bills. This goes beyond the expected results. Also, the plates are quoted as 228 MW for every mile. Operating them for six days cancels the gain from using solar panels. 

Solar Panels for Streets  

Installing solar panels in town squares is also a good idea. They can be placed on a pavement section surrounded by houses. However, a snowy town isn’t the best location for these solar panels. Maybe there’s a higher point where they can be installed as the roads on most city streets aren’t perfect. 

Solar panels may be clad in each lane of the motorway. While that sounds too much, it’s just a fraction of the solar panels used on rooftops. Furthermore, the ones used on the highways may potentially produce more power. Motorists get to enjoy the benefits of an increased power generation. 

Solar Panels for You 

There is no doubt that investing in solar panels is worth it. Whether you’re installing it in your home, on the roads, or in a business setup, the benefits are countless. It may be such an investment right now, but the ROI will be plenty in the end.  

All you need to do now is to consult with the experts in the field. It’s important that you first become educated about solar panels so you can make the right decisions if there’s a need for one. Work only with reputable professionals in order to get the possible results. Get quotes from different service providers and compare their rates and services. Find the company that can give you the best deal and the best services.